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NT-S01 is Fleet management intelligent terminal,Support Personalized Customization,Free Combination with various functions.

Free Combination with various functions:

1.Vehicle OBD data
Including vehicle DTC, mileage, fuel consumption,speed, RPM,fuel level, water temperature etc...

2.Alarm data
Harsh acceleration/deceleration, over speed, acc on, acc off, power off, high water temperature etc...

3.Vehicle position data
Optional choice for COMPASS,QZSS,GLONASS,Galileow system

4.RS232 communication 
Connect with external equipment or sensor

5.Wireless communication 

6.Bluetooth communication 
Support 4.1 protocol, one to one, one to many, support Android and iOS system

7.I/O control
SOS button, fuel cut , power cut, door lock , door unlock, window open, window close

8.Internal storage
1MB to 2G (optional)

9.Professional driving analysis
3 axis accelerator; 3 axis gyroscope; 3 axis magnetometer (optional)

Why choose us?

1.Cost down
According to the customer’s different demand, change the hardware configuration, decrease the hardware cost redevelopment
MOQ based,providing development kits, basic source code, diagrammatic layout, development brochure and technical support. Assist your redevelopment, realize your personal custom function, ensure your firmware property.

3.Free development
MOQ, Free development for custom function

4.ELD solutions
NT-S01 support ELD solutions

Optional accessories:

SOS button

Power cut relay

I/O control

GPS antenna

GSM antenna

9PIN adaptor (truck)

6PIN adaptor ( truck )

8PIN adaptor ( truck )