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Fleet Management service

The OBD GPS dongle would provide you various information about your vehicle, such as real time location , a smooth route track, fuel consumption, mileage and car your car status, including low voltage, engine temperature alarm, engine fault code record. Moreover, it will analyze driving behavior like speeding, harsh acceleration and deceleration etc. All of these information will gathered and used by the fleet owner to keep safety of their fleet driving, enhance the usage of vehicle, enlarge the monitoring of the vehicle. And the owner also can use these information for statistic and provide more value-added service. So, for fleet management company, such as Logistic, Bus, Taxi, utility vehicle, dangerous chemical car, project use, car rental, school bus etc, if you have your own software , we can provide the terminal to support your software for better your service chain. But if you do not have software , please contact us and we are glad to recommend you a professional fleet management platform which match our terminal well.