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Samsung Marched into OBD GPS Tracker industry
2016-06-28 00:34:14

Samsung will launch a new product which can connect with automotive to horizon their technical industry. The product featured like the black box on the plane. You can use this product to monitoring your car . As far as we know, Samsung is decided to work with AT&T on this project, and name this product as “ connect auto”. Like other OBD device, CONNECT AUTO can be easily plug into the standard OBDII port, so that the product can reading car engine data (DTC) , can monitoring fuel consumption, can calculate speed, can record the location. And these data can be upload to you smart phone.

The positive point is, they gonna develop not only ios APP but also Android App for worldwide users. As long as 4G LTE technology spreading , CONNECT AUTO will support this frequency soon, and all of the car data will upload to the online storage cloud server. Recently , many insurance company is approaching Samsung and want take part in this business. This product will benefit their business and helping them analyzing the vehicle problem which they insured for the car owner. Samsung deciding to work with AT&T,ZTE mobley , Verizon wireless Delphi connect. The price is unknown to the public. But Samsung said the price will not be higher. And most of the people can take that from store.