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NT-161B & NT-183W: Car “black box” merged into Japanese market
2016-06-28 00:33:59

Along with the rising concept “OBD” and “LoV”, more and more company are taken part into OBD field. A Bluetooth dongle named NT-161B and 3G dongle named NT-183W OBD GPS Tracker which designed by Nyitech Co., Ltd. had merge into Japanese quietly. The two product had won the recognition in Japanese market already. Nyitech start the strategy cooperation partnership with Japanese professional software company since 2013, they put a lot together to test more than thousands Japanese vehicle with above two dongle. And right now, these two product are compatible with most of the Japanese vehicle. In other word, there is no dead corner for the dongle now. Based on this, Nyitech has become the one and only OBD GPS Dongle company whose product fit all of the Japanese vehicle. And it successfully applied in Japanese logistic company and car rental company, the selling amount is above than 5000pcs already. And Nyitech has become the OBD supplier of Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, TOYOTA,DOCOMA. We believe in the near future, Nyitech’s product will cover most of the country and benefit more and more companies.