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Nyitech , The OBD artizan
2016-06-28 00:37:24

    Seem as a long road for Nyitech, they are focus on the concept of big data of every vehicle, put almost all of their effort to developed a brand new OBD GPS dongle. And they finally make three special OBD GPS device for car diagnostic and positioning. Considering most of the OBD device can not compatible with most of the vehicles, Nyitech’s product has successfully conquer the point and make their product capable with all vehicles.

    In the following yearsNyitech aim to develop more function of the product: like FC cut, car lock and unlock, window open and close function. They gonna detail the market, providing all around vehicle data picking service for add-value support.

    Nyitech’s product will launch into Japanese market, north and south America market, European market , south asia market in the early of 2016. The product will probably be use in Fleet management company, car rental company, car insurance company. And the product function would benefit most of the above companies.