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Carcorder with OBD
2016-06-28 00:35:46

The concept of LoV was taken place in 2009. Along with its development, OBD has been becoming a HIT. Many company catch the trend and presenting their own “ black box”. Although, the box is very hot , most of the producer quickly found that they moved themselves but the customer. As the device is definitely provide the detecting function only, when it read the data from the car, its work is done. The product do not provide the service function. For most of the users who is not professional, the data is just for looking. They can not use them. 

       According to this situation, there generate many new company, who developed their software to match with the black box. Such as Che dingdong X1 Mini, it helps the obd device to read and upload the data to end users automatically. Like a whole body check, you can use it to check your car situation before your trip. More over, this software also provide a interesting function, call let’s speeding. You can connect your ID with many different users, and compare your speeding with them. And this function is welcomed in youth.

       Insiders have said, OBD product is currently small volume users, the user-scale development was relatively slow, the value of data mining and data acquisition scale not reflected. Perhaps, as cars buzz mini same, with more "Scene of service" function can provide a better breakthrough for it to meet the different needs of owners.